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Winter League preview - Day 1 - Introduction

Posted on 8 Jan '24 by Dave Hayden II


Dave Hayden II

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to dust off your winter gear and huddle up for some exhilarating excitement and hilarity on the course, because the Winter Leagues are here once again!

Ahhhh, the Winter Leagues, the epitome of competitive and social play. It's that time of the year when many of those who are normally very laid-back and non-competitive rediscover the fire in their belly as they put their game faces on. Yes, it's also that time of year when the gents are all desperately hoping not to slip on an icy patch and suffer defeat at the hands of one of the ladies.

This year sees eighteen teams and seventy-two players, ranging in ages from eighteen to eighty-four, do battle with each other... and the elements! Leading the pack are the reigning champions, Paddy's Pirates, who are back for another round of frozen glory. These warriors of winter claimed the title just eleven months ago, rescuing it from the clutches of defeat and leaving their opponents shipwrecked. Their ambition? To become the first team since the Diggers (2018 & 2019) to win back-to-back titles. Talk about a pirate's life of perseverance and booty - that's championship booty, of course.

However, lurking in the shadows, nursing their wounds from last year's loss, are Coogan's Bluff. These gallant warriors fought valiantly in the finals, but were sadly left clinging to the edge of defeat like a cat on a door frame. With their eyes filled with determination and their supplies of tissues replenished, they return to the frigid battleground, seeking vengeance and a chance to write their own winter fairytale.

Then we have the Dream Team and Flynn's Flyers, the almost-heroes from last year. They tasted the sweet nectar of success, only to have it ripped away from them in the semi-finals. But fear not brave souls, for they are back, fuelled by their dreams and a stubborn refusal to let the winter winds blow them off course. Armed with scarves and unconventional strategies, they are ready to take their shot at reaching the final.

But let's not forget the other contenders in this chilly extravaganza. We have the likes of McCann Cans (2020) and Philipos (2016), both previous Winter League champions who have returned in an effort to reclaim their glory. Who knows, perhaps they have some secret weapons up their sleeves, like warming their balls with hot waterbottles or coating their golf clubs in anti-freeze.

And then, to add more spice to this frosty fiesta, we have a couple of new teams joining the fray. Fresh faces, eager hearts and questionable levels of skill - truly a recipe for an unforgettable spectacle. Will they be easy pickings for the more established Winter League veterans or might they be the wild cards in this winter deck... who knows!!??

So brace yourselves, folks, and prepare for a winter wonderland filled with clashing egos, questionable fashion choices to battle the elements and scalps aplenty. We can't promise flawless pitch and putt, but we can guarantee endless laughter, camaraderie and memories to warm your heart long after the Winter Leagues have melted away.

Also back by (un)popular demand is my Winter League preview. Over the next few days, each group will receive a write-up, so brace yourself for another display of my astonishingly mediocre knowledge! Surprisingly enough, I managed to accurately predict six out of the eight teams that made it to the knockout stages last time. So naturally, despite my confidence levels being sky high, I know lightning never strikes twice and I have no doubt this will blow up in my face!

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